Where has the time gone?!

We have not managed to post for a while because we have been working so incredibly hard for our SATS exams. These were done during the week of the 14th May and we worked incredibly hard. We did all that we could in all of our exams so are now eagerly awaiting our results!

Now that SATs are over, we can start focusing on our school play. Miss Marsh spent two days with the National Theatre learning and practising elements for our play which will be performed in July. We encourage you to come and watch it!

On the day after our SATs, we spent it at Myatt’s Field Park where we had a picnic and played football and on the equipment. It was a fantastically sunny day and we were able to have fun and celebrate all our hard work and dedication to our studies this year.

Since we last posted, we have also visited the Natural History Museum to learn about fossils and take part in a workshop. This was a lot of fun as we were able to dig up our own fossil and record what type of animal it belonged to. While there, we also studied fossil exhibition at the museum. We couldn’t believe how big some of the fossils were!

We are looking forward to what is in store for us after we come back from the holidays!

Miss Marsh 🙂



Since we have last posted, we have doing lots of really fantastic learning.

Both our trip to the Dorfman Theatre and our workshop on The Winter’s Tale were fantastic. We were lucky enough to be given front row seats which meant that when the actors participated with the audience, we were very involved! While we were getting ready to leave after the performance we saw some of the performers so stopped for a picture.


Our trip to the theatre led on to some really amazing English lessons where we wrote a review on the play. These reviews focused on the plot, our favourite parts and what we thought of the actors’ and actresses’ performances.

Book Week:

On the 26th February, it was book week. During this week, we made books with the Year 2 children, we created a book front cover on our door and we all dressed up as our favourite character from our favourite book. We then paraded down the hall to show off our outfits.


SATs Week:

On the 5th March, we took part in a SATs mock test week. We completed the SATs as though we will have to do in the real thing. We worked really really hard and Miss Marsh was incredibly impressed with us.

This week: 

This week is Sport relief week! We have been set a number of challenges to complete each day.

These include:

  • running a mile every day which we have started to do. We were lucky enough to be joined by nursery on Monday.


  • completing a skipathon which we are due to do on Wednesday (pictures to follow)
  • selling wristbands before and after school
  • dressing up in sports kit on Friday to raise money.


Our Learning:

During Maths we have been very busy learning lots of new skills. Our favourites included geometry. We practised making cubes and cuboids and explored their features. Towards the end of the lesson, we had a challenge to create shapes which had different numbers of sides.


This has been a really busy time for us and we are looking forward to next week already to finish the term on a high!

Miss Marsh 🙂






Our Brand New Term!

We have only just come back from half term but we have already done lots of great learning!

in English we have been learning how to write a play as our new text for the next 6 weeks is William Shakespeare’s ‘A Winter’s Tale’. We are  very lucky to be able to take part in a workshop by the National Theatre tomorrow which we are very excited about! This is all great prep for next week when we will be watching a performance of the play at the Dorfman Theatre (pictures to follow!)

In Maths, we have been focussing on co-ordinates; finding co-ordinates, plotting points using co-ordinates, reflecting shapes on the y and x axis and also translating shapes. We are growing in confidence in answering reading questions too.

Our new topic in Science this term is learning about animals including humans. We are very intrigued to learn about the respiratory and circulatory systems! We will keep you updated as our learning increases.

In other news, we had an anti-radicalisation workshop today with Year 5 which was fantastic in helping make the children aware of the dangers in the world including over the internet.


I am so impressed with the attitudes to learning the children have come back to school with this new term. Please keep it up!

Miss Marsh 🙂



Maths Week!

Over the past two weeks, we have been bombarded with different workshops, fun activities, assessments and Maths Week!

Our assessments have gone very well and we are working hard to make sure that the results accurately show a true reflection to how hard we are trying with our learning!

We have now had 3 weeks at BMX biking and we have started to become really confident on the big course! Miss Marsh has been so impressed with how resilient we have been when we have fallen over and not been able to get up a particular slope!

Last Friday, we were extremely fortunate to have an Futsal player who plays for England come and talk to us about his sport and let us practise some drills! We had great fun kicking the ball around, working together as a team!

This week we have had a huge focus on maths for Maths Week! We did lots of fun activities including a maths workshop. We took the opportunity this week to focus on geometry, algebra and statistics!

Year 6 have worked incredibly hard over these past two weeks, I am incredibly impressed! Keep it up.

Miss Marsh 🙂

This Week’s Learning!

This week has been a very busy week for Year 6 with lots going on!

In English, following our debate work last week on whether beheading Mary Queen of Scots based on her religious beliefs was fair (which we concluded was not!), we are writing a persuasive letter to Queen Elizabeth begging her not to kill Mary.

In our Maths lessons this week, we have had another very busy week, learning mostly about conversions and units of measure. Having briefly covered this topic before, we have now learnt how to solve reasoning problems which is good practise for our SATs exams. Solving these problems has taken a bit of hard work but our resilience has paid off as we are feeling much more confident in this area!

Saving the best news till last, we have been lucky enough to go BMX biking twice at Brockwell Park! Our first trip was on Monday and our second trip was today. We battled through the rain and the wind on Monday and had great fun on the big tracks! A couple of us fell over and got really muddy but we didn’t mind because we were having fun.

Next week is Maths Week which we are really looking forward to. We will let you know how we get on!


Miss Marsh 🙂


The Terrible Tudors!

This week has been our first full week back at school and we have done lots of great learning!

In English this week, we are debating whether it was fair for Queen Elizabeth I to kill Mary Queen of Scots. Throughout the week, we have been building up vocabulary and thinking about what we can add to make our sentences really exciting before writing them up tomorrow.

In Maths, we have covered a lot each lesson; from counting in different multiples (including in decimal points, eg. 0.6s!), to quickfire arithmetic questions and also solving reasoning problems. A key focus this week has been on sorting numbers into different diagrams such as Venn and Carroll diagrams.

We have started our Queen Elizabeth topic by learning about the Spanish Armada. We had great fun yesterday acting out different parts from the timeline of events.

In science, our new topic this term is Living Things and Their Habitats. So far, we have looked at classifying living things into groups according to their features. We have also briefly looked at Carl Linnaeus but will have further understood who he is by next week!

Next week, we are due to do our first BMX biking session at Brockwell Park which we are all very excited about – pictures to follow!

Miss Marsh 🙂



Nativity Excitement!

This morning, we did our first practice in the hall for our KS2 Nativity play. Year 6 are playing the angels and shepherds and they are singing two songs. Some of the children are singing in a solo group and they sound amazing.

I was so impressed with their acting and singing abilities. They were loud, confident and happy and took this practice in their stride. Well done!


This performance is an important one for Year 6 as it will be their last Christmas at Christ Church.

During our topic lessons, we have learnt about the silk worm and its life cycle. We have now begun to draw our own drawings based on the silk painting designs we researched from books and the internet. Next week we will be painting these. I cannot wait to see how they turn out.


Miss Marsh













On the first day of Christmas…

This week’s highlight was our dental workshop! In this, we learnt all about how to safely brush our teeth and how best to combat tooth decay. We were very interested to learn that sugary water actually has more sugar in it than some fizzy drinks!

We are also all getting very excited for the start of Christmas with decorations going up in classrooms and corridors. We are practising hard for the school nativity and the children are sounding better and better each time. I cannot wait to see them have a go at their dress rehearsal next week!

In science, we learnt all about how the impact that the amount of voltage has. Miss Marsh asked year 6 to complete a circuit, first using one battery, then using two batteries. She then asked them to figure out what they noticed. They came to the conclusion that when they used more batteries, the bulb was brighter because there was a higher voltage running through the circuit.

Next week marks a very exciting week as the children will be having their second attempt at completing an example SATs paper, wish them luck!

Miss Marsh

38 Sleeps till Christmas!

We had a great afternoon today truly getting into the Christmas spirit! The children were tasked with making snow globes and decorating baubles with their own festive designs. It was great to see some of the children’s artistic talents flourish.


At the start of the afternoon, the children chose either a pre-drawn design to colour in or a blank strip of paper to draw themselves. They then spent the majority of the afternoon making these look magical. It was so nice to see some of the parents coming in too and helping.

As the children started to finish this first task, they were then put into small groups to decorate their baubles to hang on their Christmas trees. It was great fun working with them and helping create their masterpieces.

It is safe to say that the ‘Christmas Crafternoon’ was a great success!


Also this week, we have been practising hard for the KS2 Nativity. Their singing is coming on magnificently and I cannot wait to hear them in the real performance.


Keep up the great work Year 6!

Miss Marsh


Inter-faith and Anti-bullying.

 Over the last week, we have been discussing the topic of bullying and what to do if we ever found ourselves in an uncomfortable situation. We also discussed the idea that bullying could appear in many forms including emotional bullying and we all decided that we would be very conscious about what we say to other people and the way in which we say it.

To celebrate the end of the anti-bullying week, we invited nursery into our classroom and made rice crispy cupcakes with them. We decorated them with blue sprinkles as this is the anti-bullying colour. IMG_1209


Last week was also inter-faith week. To celebrate this, a dancer came in to teach the children a Hindu dance. The children loved dressing up in the costumes she had brought and learning the dance. I was very impressed by the attitude they had and the effort they put in. Their dancing, as a result, was fantastic!

IMG_1198 (1)


Miss Marsh